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Education: Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan. Selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education as a scholarship recipient to pursue postgraduate studies at the Kyoto City University of Arts, under the tutorship of the plastic artist Shiro Matsui. 2000-2002.
Higher Polytechnic Institute of Valencia, Spain. Selected by the IUESAPAR (University Institute for Higher Education in the Fine Arts) as the recipient of the foreign exchange scholarship to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Valencia. 1998-1999.
Bachelor of Fine Arts and Sculpture Major. Caracas, Venezuela. 1995-2000.
Cristóbal Rojas School of Plastic Arts, Caracas, Venezuela. Drawing and sculpture courses. 1995.
Federico Brandt Institute. Caracas, Venezuela. Drawing courses. 1993-1994.
Ceramics classes with the plastic artist Nieves Batista. Caracas, Venezuela. 1993.

Collective exhibition. A Human Extravaganza. Wynwood Warehouse Project. Miami. 2017.
Urban Dweller. CAM Galería. Ciudad de México. 2017.
Collective exhibition. La 303 Art Gallery. Fabrica La Aurora. San Miguel de Allende. 2016.
Restrained. Jewish center art gallery. Mexico City. 2016.
AtGallery. Bogotá. 2014.
Apriori Gallery. Panamá. 2013.
Visual Art Sur. Connecticut. 2011.
Red Dot Art Fair. Nueva York. 2011.
Collective Exhibition “Con-tacto”. CBG Arts. Caracas, 2010.
Collective Exhibition “Forma, Piel y Color” / “Shape, Skin and Color”. Center of Integrated Arts. Caracas. 2008.
“Recent Work”. Expresarte Gallery. Caracas, 2007.
“20 points”. Collective Exhibition. Espacio D’Arte Gallery. Caracas, 2006.
“Variable Measures”. Collective Exhibition. Alejandro Otero Museum. Caracas, 2006.
Collective Exhibition. DIMACA Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.
“White/ white”. 1800 Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 2005.
“35x48h”. Li Group Art Center. Caracas, Venezuela. 2004.
Alberto Spinetti, Recent Sculpture”. Art Box Gallery. Japan. 2002.
Geidai 2001?. Kyoto Modern Art Museum. Japan. 2001.
“Travesías”/”The Journey”. Jacobo Borges Museum. Caracas, Venezuela. 2000.
Telcel Exhibition Room for the Young Artists. Caracas, Venezuela. 2000.
Collective Exhibition “Visiones Divergentes”/”Differing Visions”. Gallery of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Valencia. Spain. 1999.
International Festival of Fine Arts. Tunja, Colombia. 1996.

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