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Dolores Casares was born in 1960 in the City of Buenos Aires, where she currently resides and works.
In addition to teaching in his own workshop, he worked in construction clinics with Eduardo Médici, Héctor Médici, Ernesto Pesce and Jorge González Perrín. For five years he carried out the general coordination task at Proyectarte, and for ten years he has been coordinating the artistic projects of the Pasaje17 Gallery.
Individually, he exhibited in Argentina at the San Martín Cultural Center, Recoleta Cultural Center, Standard Bank Foundation, among others. Collectively, he did so in the Palais de Glace National Hall and in the National Museum of Fine Arts in La Plata.
Abroad, he exhibited at the Argentine Consulate in New York and participated in the First Biennial of the South, in Panama. In addition, it participated in the International Fairs Pinta London, Art Miami, Artamerica, CHACO (Chile), PArC (Peru) and FIA (Venezuela), among others.

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