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MEXICO, 1988

Javier Andrés was born on July 15, 1988 in Mexico City, where he currently resides. Considered a postmodern pop artist, from a very young age he found his vocation in painting and his inspiration in pop culture. Since 2013 he has dedicated himself entirely to painting, thus creating new icons for a new generation of art lovers and collectors.

A new consumer culture, advertising and the cult of the stars were the starting point for the middle of the last century in the United States and England to begin to develop a new art, which would soon be known worldwide as Pop Art. contribution to the history of the pioneering artists of this current, such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, was the one to fuse everyday life and its mundane objects reproduced in series with "great art". Taking these references as a starting point, Javier Andrés since 2010 begins to develop his own version of Pop art in Mexico; where he explores our current imaginary influenced by the iconography of mass culture that arises from the reproduction industry and the mass media, using them as a reference of our lifestyle. The work of Javier Andrés is characterized by representing the consumer society in its own language, using as its main theme comic characters, super heroes, Hollywood stars, advertising and pop culture icons, where humor and sarcasm always occur.

Individual expositions:
"POP", Costanza Polanco, Mexico City?
"RETROPOP", Art Department, Mexico City.

Collective exhibitions:
"ETHOS 5th Edition", Expo Bancomer Santa Fe. Mexico City.
"ETHOS 6th Edition". Franz Mayer Museum. Mexico City.
"GARMENDIA". German Club. Mexico City.
"DO YOU WANT A REVOLUTION?". Jules Carp Gallery House. Mexico City.

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