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Marcelo Legrand was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1961.
He begins to study art in 1977 at the Círculo de Bellas Artes with maestro Héctor Sgarbi. Starting in 1981 and for a decade he worked only with graphite on paper. During that period, two of his series received multiple awards and Marcelo received an invitation from Studio Camnitzer and the Pratt Institute of New York to work in the studio of Luis Camnitzer in the Italian Tuscany.
In the following years, he participate in many group shows in Latin America and three individual exhibitions stand out in Uruguay: National Library (1986), Museum of Contemporary Art (1988), Exhibition Center of the Municipal Palace (1992) .
He was invited to exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas (Sofia Imbert) and lived in Venezuela for three years.
Marcelo started working on large format canvas with a lot of color and developed an art technique that includes the use of heat, water and Chinese inks on vegetable paper.
In 1999 he was awarded by the Batuz Foundation and at the Young Art Biennial of Mosca. Later that year Marcelo exhibited in many art galleries in USA and he had an individual exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas.
During 2002, two collective exhibitions stand out: Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires and Museum of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
In 2007 he had a solo show at the Dodecá Cultural Center (Montevideo). Years later, Marcelo participated in the Vik Art project in José Ignacio, Uruguay; with installations, murals, sculptures and artworks on vegetal paper.
Special guest by Artifariti (International Encounters of Art in the Sahara), he entered the Saharaui desert and performs in Tifariti a sculptural intervention called "Under the ground".
Since 2010, Marcelo has participated in many individuals and collective shows all over the world.

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