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Photography Exhibition "Primeras Impresiones" by Naian González Norvind

October 2023 @enblancogallery

“Primeras Impresiones” is an exhibition that transcends borders of time and space, transporting us to a world where magic and reality are one and the same thing. Naian González Norvind invites us to look beyond the surface of things, to explore the mysteries and wonders that are hidden in the everyday. Naian has created a body of photographic work that transcends the borders of the tangible, taking us to a world where the limits fade.

This exhibition is ultimately a tribute to Mexican magical realism ( Realismo Mágico ) and photography's ability to capture the very essence of life.

Magical Realism is a literary and artistic movement that is characterized by the coexistence of the ordinary and the extraordinary on the same level. In the Mexican context, this artistic movement has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for writers, painters and, in this case, photographers. The legacy of writers such as Gabriel García Márquez and Juan Rulfo, whose works incorporate magical and surreal elements in everyday settings, has left a deep mark on Mexican culture.


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