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Painting, Tartrazine on napkin, framed in glass

59.05 x 59.05 / 150 x 150 cm
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    Alejandro Sanchez (Colombia, 1981) 


    Alejandro investigates social changes in Latin American countries, especially Colombia. For this he determines the causes; such as globalization, democratization and economic growth, which produce these alterations in social structures. He then examines the factors that drive the development of this change, such as free trade, privatizations and multinationals. And finally, through his artistic production, he reflects on the consequences that social changes can bring, which is why we find themes in his work such as sociocultural displacement and cultural uprooting. He currently resides in Bogota.


    Common territories / Phantasmagoria 


    Though it sounds poetic, it is no less true that empires have been erected with the power of color. Gold, of course, has been the most sought after since antiquity and society has unanimously conferred great symbolism and economic value on it. The Phoenicians made themselves rich by supplying the ancient world with Tyrian purple obtained in their beaches and the Spaniards, during colonial times, took over the monopoly of cochineal red, extracted from a scale insect, that they sold at a price higher than gold itself. 

    ​This poetic idea isn’t removed from our contemporary world. A great part of the food that is processed at an industrial scale contains tartrazine, a substance that is artificially dyes drinks, candy and even meat which, given the great attraction it poses on customers, generates multimillionaire revenues for enterprises that benefit from the indiscriminate us if this chemical component. The empire of color even penetrates political spheres by lobbying and evading legislations to continue their use of this chemical in spite of its proven toxicity. The paradox of power comes into play when we take into account that it is consumers who are drawn to this harmful products, and who decide and give control to this companies with their unconscious decisions which reaffirms the idea that as long as color continues to rule the depths of the human mind, it will also continue to rule the world. 

    ​Like a modern alchemist, Alejandro Sanchez experiments with tartrazine, turning it into paint and the napkin into a canvas. A symbolic decision by the artist that reinforces the relationship between his work and his enquiry on the construction of such economic empires. These materials are used to produce images that, with a hint of notalgia, look at the past of cities currently being modernized, specially the blooming, mid-century Bogota. But what from afar seems to be a hyperrealistic copy of old photographs is, looking at it closely, a topographic pattern of mountains that repeats itself along the entire surface. That way, Sanchez’ painting turns into a hypnotic illusion that remains as a phantasmagoric image between those viewpoints. From afar, the portrait of a nation that builds its progress thinking of it as an infrastructure and a city. From up close – reading between the lines- the landscape that is the true richness, is then built on and replaced by an artificial dye, like an allegory to the colonization that is exercised by multinationals inside the national territory. 

    ​That’s why Phantasmagoria questions the veracity of the images and the stories they tell us. Like we see in Sanchez’ haunting images, the way we interpret history and power paradoxes depends on our point of view. 




      1. Illusion of the senses or the mind, hallucination.
      2. The art of representing figures by means of an optical illusion 

    “Marx popularized the term ‘Phantasmagoria’, using it to describe the world of merchandises that, in its mere visible presence, hides all traces of the work that produced them. The lay a veil that hides the making process and, just like paintings that portray animic states, they encourage their spectators to identify them with dreams and subjective fantasies “. 

    Susan Buck –Morss



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