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Container door, resin reliefs, polyester and industrial paint

47.24 x 47.24 / 120 x 120 cm
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    Alejandro Sanchez (Colombia, 1981) 


    Alejandro investigates social changes in Latin American countries, especially Colombia. For this he determines the causes; such as globalization, democratization and economic growth, which produce these alterations in social structures. He then examines the factors that drive the development of this change, such as free trade, privatizations and multinationals. And finally, through his artistic production, he reflects on the consequences that social changes can bring, which is why we find themes in his work such as sociocultural displacement and cultural uprooting. He currently resides in Bogota.


    Landscape series 


    Landscape represents an artistic exploration of the concept of landscape in the contemporary era. Through the use of relief techniques and the accumulation of containers, this work turns into an intriguing starting point for a deep reflection about the evolution of our relationship with our natural environment and the influence that consumerism has in our environment.

    In premodern times, the natural landscape was a constant source of inspiration for artists. From the majestic mountains to the quiet valleys and the picturesque rivers, nature gave us inexhaustible richness that served as motivation for artistic creation. Artists made great efforts to capture the beauty and the essence of nature in their canvases, seeking to transmit the greatness and harmony that they found in the landscape.However, nowadays it seems that our source of inspiration has drastically changed. We no longer find the same fascination in natural elements, but rather in objects and products pushed by consumerism.

    In my work "Landscape," this transformation manifests in a provocative and self-evident manner. The title itself, “Landscape”, plays with the traditional perception of the word to insinnuate a new direction: our contemporary horizon is characterized by merchandise and consumables. The containers that dominate the work become visual metaphors for our obsession with consumism and the accumulation of material goods. They elevate, evoking the idea that our attention has mived from the natural world, to the world of manufactured objects.

    ​"Landscape" invites us to a profound reflection about the transformation of our relationship with the landscape throughout history and in our modern context. The work defies our traditional perceptions and urges us to question the way in which culture has shaped our perception of the world. As the natural landscape vanishes into the background, it is fundamental to consider how this evolution affects our understanding of our environment and, ultimately, our role in the preservation of nature. "Landscape" isn’t simply a plastic exploration, but also a mirror that shows us our contemporary society and its changing priorities.

    ​Also, "Landscape" explores the complex intersections between contemporary painting, consumerism society and the relationship human beings have with the natural environment. This work stands as a way to express a profound reflection about painting in our times. Just like the philosopher Boris Groys, I believe that contemporary painting is no longer about the search for originality in every brush stroke, but about discovering relating elements to create a more ample visual experience. The relief in this work highlights materiality, texture and tridimensionality, inviting the spectator to physically interact with the work, which is essential in an era of automatic reproduction and virtuality.

    The accumulation of containers in "Landscape" is presented as a visual reminder of the influence that consumerism has in our natural environment. Each container represents a product or resource that, in its repetitive form, manifests the transformation of the natural landscape into a landscape of production and consumerism. This aspect questions our relationship with nature and motivates us to reflect on the impact of our actions in our environment.


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